‘Fertile Art Conversation’ is an open dialogue about the possibility to define the art movement/s of the 21st century.

Every beginning of the century has been a fertile moment where, after the chaos of the transit between the old and the new age, a defined flow, a movement of thought has flourished… what in Italian we call ‘corrente d’arte’ (art stream). Do we have one? Are we part of one? What does define an artist?

My desire is to have a conversation with you and other artists about this topic, about art, about us. I am interested in the doors that open through the act of questioning and letting time give the answers.

I’m passionate about art and the creative process. My professional and daily life blur into one flow of  inspiring presence and participation in what I do and create. That’s my path of growth! I’m a visioner and most of the time I manifest what I envision if I feel it resonates with the rest of my life and creates profound connections and beauty. I deeply care about the artists’ reality and in this chance of life I have, I want to do as much as possible to make an active contribution to us and to the future generations.

I wish to connect with artists that have a full commitment and passion for what they do, feel, create, bring, and share with the world. I feel that we can start to plant the seeds to define the basis of the 21st century art movement/s. This is a ‘fertile’ momentum.

Let’s talk about it!


Laura Inserra


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