Creative Explorations Lab

Creative Explorations are participatory sessions designed to help you connect to your source of creativity and unique manifestation of beauty.
Creativity and improvisation are ways to discover our natural balance and to harmonize our life. A good approach to these creative forms begins with deep listening, so that we can bring forth an artistic expression that is appropriate to the moment and the context we are in.Through music, body movement, voice, interaction, observation, reflection, composition, and other tools, you will have the opportunity to explore your creative potential, your visions, your artistic manifestations, to connect with a sacred space inside of you and express it outwards. This is an opportunity to draw from your presence, your source of creativity, and to express your unique artistry.The world of creativity is infinite and everyone has their own path on this journey. May we find, enjoy, and share our own one.“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it.” Martha Graham

Every Monday in Sept. and Oct. | 6:30 – 8pm

Rose Labyrinth – 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley

Reservations are recommended. Limited spots available.

Online reservations $10. Click here.
At the door $15

Facebook Event Page click here.



5 responses to “Creative Explorations Lab

  1. The theme of tonight’s Creative Explorations Lab is ‘Synesthesia’, the merging of the senses. We will make sounds of color, shape the invisible, dance the seasons, make transpositions, and engage in ‘synesthetic’ problem solving.
    Don’t search on the web to find info or meanings about synesthesia. There is nothing out there similar to the way we will explore this word/concept.

    See you there…

    Berkeley – Sept. 16, 2013

  2. I would love to share some comments: ‘Awesome, great instruction’, ‘Laura is an inspiration. i loved the energy and spirit of the whole group’, ‘Great group of creative people, and activities that brought that creativity out. Thanks to Laura Inserra and to all who participated.’, ‘Lovely evening playing with all of you… I so love to touch the muse with others who know that incredible land of potency… Lovely.’, ‘Came in with an open mind and came away feeling inspired and also more centered and grounded. Thanks!’.

    This is also a great place for me as well to explore and be creative beyond my imagination. Where ever you are in life, give yourself that possibility!

  3. Last week’s work with time lab was a serendipitous event leading up to a weekend of Breathwork in the Northern Redwoods. Both the lab and Breathwork enabled me to develop an expanded relationship with time itself. New doors, connections and paths and all the time to explore them. How delicious. Looking forward to reconnecting upon returning from NYC.

  4. I look forward to having another creative explorations lab with you! Last one we had 6 new people and the theme was ‘bizarre-ness’. Very interesting creative results and insights.

    This coming week, the 30th, the theme will be ‘water’.
    I invite you to reflect on this theme and, if you feel, to bring some elements, ideas, prep, or a 2 min. composition to share. If you don’t have the time, we will work together and compose during the lab as we usually do. But as a closing circle of this first month, I love the idea of giving you the opportunity to bring something outside the lab.

    Some elements to reflect on:
    which dynamic of water I want to focus on? the stagnant and stillness of a pound? the vibrant flow of a river? the continuos wave of the ocean? the powerful destructive energy of a tsunami? the rain? a tear? what are the feelings of wet eyes? the flow of the blood in the veins? the sounds of water that descends from a roof? how does water smells? do I want to represent the water or I will transform myself into water? that water which sustain us physically, emotionally, spiritually? how is the water touch? how does water give life and how can water destroy it? or about the water inside our body?

    And more: water legends and folklore; water utopias/dystopias (ie Atlantis); real and imagined water creatures; states of melting/freezing; wave phenomena and patterns; whirlpools and waterfalls; floods, hurricanes, high/low tides, saliva, and sweat, clean water vs dirty water, and so on, and so on…

    PLEASE BE ON TIME!!! The space is available starting at 6:15pm. The open circle will start at 6:30 sharp. Being on time means create a stronger group body to explore with since the first pulse.

    Enjoy the creative process!

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