One process of making artworks

I would love to share my answer to Holly’s comment.

Hollly: ..And I also wanted to touch on something we briefly discussed which the idea that the art IS the process. I think Laura mentioned this (sorry I’m paraphrasing) but Im curious to hear more about what she meant with this. I took it to mean that as we are creating we are allowing the art to flow through us and we are very much connected to our highest selves when we are in this state. This experience itself is what the art is. This act of allowing, setting fears and doubt aside and focusing on this thing which we desire to see most. If an artist creates a painting while in this state Of being then a person looking at it can feel that and they want the picture as a reminder of that resonance. An audience member of a live performance remembers not what you did or said, but the feeling you left them with or so they say. . . When I create a dance, say I choreograph it beforehand in this high state of allowing and creative process, there is still a huge part of it being created or lived as I execute it onstage as well. The more I can allow myself to re-experience it with the audience there the better. The audience becomes a partner in it. Or that is what I strive for anyway.

Laura: For me art is a lot about the creative process more than the final realization. For process I mean from the first intuition or vision we conceive, we canalize, to the moment we touch the stage. And it’s part of the ‘process’ also the way we live and evolve as human beings. It is the ‘process’ what is impressed in the final art work and, even if is not visible, it will reach and inform the audience.

Creativity is the act of searching in the external world resonances with our inner being. It’s the connection with the unknown, the divine, the universal consciousness. It’s our vital life force. It’s also about alchemical relationships with people, materials, frequencies, colors, movements. Those alchemies multiply exponentially the power of our conception, our possibilities, our infinite manifestations.

In the creative state, we are connected to our conditioned and unconditioned highest self, as well as we access to the unseen or to the ‘not reveled yet’. In other words, we are connected to our multiple-self (the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and all the intermediate states), as well as the collective and universal multiple-self. So reach, so intimate, so profound, so mystical sometimes.

It come to my mind that It’s like to conceive a baby. For the mother – the artist – it’s in the process of those nine months that she is able to connect to the power of transformation, challenges, alchemy, revelations, the unknown, the divine mystery, and so forth. In that inner environment the mother has the power to influence the baby in deep ways. She can fantasies how the baby could be, could look like. As soon as the baby is born – touches the stage – will take his/her own life, look, ideas, tendencies, and with each person he/she will have unique relationships, dynamics, understandings. That’s being said, we know how our mother first imprint it is indelible in our essence…

Similar for an artist and the art work: when we are in the process of conceiving, creating, shaping, it’s about our inner world and the influences we imprint in our art work. As soon as the creation touches the stage it takes its own life, everybody will assign to it their own meanings, feelings, opinions. It’s no more ‘our’ creation, now it’s a ‘collective’ creation, out in the world of infinite personalities and relationships.

In the final work or the performance, there is a kind of crystallization, and in the same time, there is an ‘entity’ that expands, takes its own form, speaks different languages according to who meets in its way. And that’s where the audience becomes a partner with it. It’s that wanting to be part of it, that intimacy established that the audience will bring with them, and what will last in their memory.

Probably it’s because of my love for the ‘creative process’ that I use ‘structured improvisation’ on the stage, so I can still be connected with the flow of creativity, I can feel the liveliness and profound uniqueness of the momentum, I can enjoy the Muse, I can let the audience be part of my creative process.

On the other side, I love also structured, precise, written compositions where the ensemble knows all the parts. That’s the beauty of repetition, anticipation, expectation, synchronicity, rituality… but let’s leave this for another ‘fertile’ conversation…

Thank you for inspiring me with your comment!

A dopo…



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