The creative process

At the first meeting we were talking about our different creative process. I would love to try to describe my creative process-es.

For me, as producer, either I have a dream, a strong and clear intuition, or I walk in a place and a vision comes in my Mind. Then I start to wait for signs that affirm I am really tuned with the energy around me. If I feel that the environment is ready to conceive that vision, or it has the potential to, I move forward to deal with any obstacle in order to materialize it. Sometimes it’s like re-arrange the elements in order to create more beauty, harmony, inspirations for others and profound meanings. I rarely try to impose my previous ideas or intuitions on a place or on someone.

As musician I try to connect to my emotions momentum by momentum and I give them a musical voice. If it’s music I’m composing alone, I love to start from the sensation I have for the instrument I’m playing with in that specific moment, and sound my sound, or gesture by gesture, let music dance her way out. Sometimes I find myself in unknown rhythmical figures or intriguing sonority and, by a deep listening, after exploring the new ‘scenes’, I look for the most organic and elegant way to transit to a more comfortable ground. Now that I am back in a safe musical landscape again, I rebalance my breath, and I am ready for a new challenge.

If I am in the process of composing with another musicians, here, as well, deep listening is the key… and significant talks too. While I play I give guidance and I fallow guides. I listen with one hear to the music coming out from me, and with the other hear the musical contest I am in. I suggest hints of inspirations and I wait that they get interpreted by the musicians. I create rhythmical or melodic safe grounds to let the musician to fly/improvise, and when I hear that he/she lands back, I allow myself to fallow the Muse of improvisation as well. It’s like a conversation where while one is talking the other is in an active listening, and if you feel to say something, you find the right moment, the best entrance to express your thought. Sometime it’s possible that there is an overlap of voices, but that’s part of the passion we put into conversations. ;o)

When I am on the stage I often play spontaneous, non-repeatable compositions where my creative process and musician is completely naked in front of my audience. I call these ‘structured improvisations’. I start from a kind of structure I have in mind and, influenced by my mood, the audience, my body, the way in which the temperature and the size of the room change the sound of my instruments, I go in musical zones where I could be only in that specific moment. It is by creating rhythmical patterns, melodic phrases, using variety, dynamics, accents, sudden re-arrange the structure, trusting to the choices I take moment by moment that the piece shapes itself. I found it a great way for me to be present, emotionally vibrant, authentic, and alive. And in this way I always mesmerize my audience with new ways to play the same composition… They never get bored ;o)

As a cook… uhmmm, this is for another post! ;o)

All this have been possible for me only because of my infinite collaborations. I would love to know what is your creative process. Talking about it is learning as well…

Photo by Diane Dew – Art in Nature/the Nature of Art Festival 2011


One response to “The creative process

  1. I remember the others say about their creative process:
    ‘I’m inspired by objects that create expectations.’

    ‘I intuitively fallow what makes me excited’

    ‘it depends on the contest and then I fallow the process step by step’

    ‘I start from a theme, I find resources, I bring them to my collaborators, I let them develop their actions, and then I shape the material into a performance’

    ‘I feel to connect to a collective unconsciousness’

    ‘It’s about patience and being inspired by the act of playing’

    ‘Working with the human material I have in front of me when I perform’

    ‘I create in solitude’

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