Norman Seeff inspiration

Amina Bayou wrote me in an email: “…check the works of Norman Seeff, a photographer who has shot mostly musicians since the 60’s. Before shooting them he documented aspects of their creative process. So basically he’s been studying and documenting the creative process for over fifty years and from what I’ve heard he’s now starting to release some of the footage.”

I searched on Google and I fund this video that I think it’s inspiring and worthy to see. He talks about his creative process and what he has been discovered during his artistic path. I resonate al lot with his ‘multidimensional mind’ and I love when he says: “Creativity is a non-linear process. It’a a quantum leap of revelation. Innovative artists have these intuitive sudden break-throughs, and then they bring in the technicality of the linear process to bring it from creation in the mind, to manifestation in the physical realm. Most people think that the manifestation is the art but it’s not; it’s process; it’s what the individual artist is experiencing and they are trying to create some outer world rendition of what they experience” or “All creations begins in the mind as a dream…. For mind I mean multidimensional mind…” or “I was shifting from goal orientation to process orientation and allowing events to unfold without trying to dominate them”. For those of you who have been working with me this is not new ;o) but still it’s so refreshing to hear it from other artists’ experience.

He also speaks about “a stage cascade of steps that are common to all creative disciplines: The Seven Stages of the Creative Process.

  1. Hearing the Call. Emergence of the Dream
  2. Fear and Resistance
  3. Resolution of the Fear and Resistance
  4. The Turning Point
  5. Creation. Accessing Inner Resources
  6. Manifestation
  7. Fulfillment. Triumph of the Dream

If you are interested in his works, here’s his website:

Two more videos on ‘Ongoing Discussion’: Part I and Part II.

A dopo…


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