First meeting

We are going to have the first all day Fertile Art Conversation on 11-11-2012, in Berkeley (CA). If you are not able to be physical present, you can share your thoughts  here. We will focus on some of these questions:

  • what are the characteristics of ‘making art’ nowadays?
  • can we define an art movement in this century?
  • do we feel part of an art movement?
  • is there something in our art form that we have in common with past art movements?
  • what is the creative process when we make art?
  • what defines an artist?

and more personal questions to reflect on:

  • what is my creative process?
  • what kind of art forms am I using to express my creativity?
  • does my art belongs to a specific movement? or does it have a define style?
  • is there something in my art form that I have in common with the other contemporary expressions of art?
  • is my art coming from a traditional art form?
  • do I define myself a contemporary artist?

After the meeting I will post some of the insights that will come out from this first conversation.



2 responses to “First meeting

  1. Amina Bayou wrote me in an email this morning saying that sadly she can not be with us on Sunday and she said:
    “I like thinking of the act of questioning in the form of brainstorming or interviewing as a way to explore the questions, and that there are no definitive answers.
    Here are a few questions around creative process that I would like to pose to the group :
    1. What are ways in which, discipline to discipline or medium to medium, we can learn from the methods or boundaries that are set up to hold a project? How does or can this forming of method or scientific process translate across discipline?
    2. How is access to more sharing and transparency tools affect your creative process?
    3. How can artists know when and how to bring an audience or even just another into their process of creation?
    4. What are the possible affects of more inclusiveness in the process? What are the possible affects of less inclusiveness in the process?

    Please send my love to everyone!”

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